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TRX Suspension training Kit

TRX Suspension training Kit

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Military level: Design inspiration source SEAL, our suspension trainer kit can support 400 lbs. weight, focus on the basic training provide comprehensive training system at anywhere, anytime when you want exercise without limit.

Full Body Training: Bodyweight resistance trainer kit through the trainer's own weight, hundreds of different training methods can be performed using the training tool, thereby improving the strength, balance, change and core stability of the trainer, such as Push, Pull, Plank, Squat, Lunge, Hinge & Rotate.

Strong and Sturdy this resistance trainer kit consists of an anchor, two D type mountaineering buckle alloy hoist buckles, two non-slip handles, and two independent adjustable main resistance straps. Made from strong and high-quality nylon, the straps are connected by D type mountaineering buckle.

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