About Us

Who are we?

Gocami is one of the biggest and well known online retail companies in Lebanon. We deliver a wide range of products such as home appliances, health & beauty, electronics, apparel and more. All daily necessities are found on our website in addition to our application to satisfy our customers with fair prices. Customers will make an order, and we will quickly deliver to their doorstep. Our professional and active team places a strong emphasis on the customer's journey.

Vision Statement

A worldwide e-commerce company is our ultimate goal. We focus on expanding internationally along with gaining market share by providing the smoothest experience for customers as well as sellers. We perceive our company as a booming industry with rapid growth in Lebanon and other countries. Our objective is not limited to only expanding internationally but also to providing a friendly environment for employees, sellers, and customers

Mission Statement

Our aim is to create value by exposing our products and services to more customers and to rapidly respond to their rigid demand. We strongly believe that customers deserve to enjoy products at the lowest price. We also believe that change is vital to adapt since e-commerce has been extensively developing at such a high-speed rate. Thus, we implement new technologies such as data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as new attitudes and perceptions in order to stay agile and keep up with the market demand. we effortlessly seek our stakeholder's satisfaction in our business operations by using advanced technologies and innovation, as well as our customer's satisfaction by providing an excellent shopping experience with a user-friendly website, great customer service, secure payment, and fast delivery.


Our main intention since day one is to build a family. An environment where trust, happiness, morality, enthusiasm, and respect are considered the foundation. We believe that a friendly, comfortable, pleasant, and enjoyable atmosphere are essential tools for business growth. Hence, for us, employees are our most valuable assets, and we prioritize their engagement by creating an employee-centric work culture. In fact, we believe that productivity increases by giving feedback to workers, providing training programs, and focusing on the experience which they will receive while working with us. Our culture is not limited only to building a family with an outstanding ambiance. We are also, as mentioned in the mission statement, an agile and easy-to-adapt company. We do not fear ditching traditional beliefs, implementing new strategies, and new mindsets, and accepting criticism in order to optimize our performance. We are open to ideas, encourage innovation, and put people at the center, along with focusing on creating value.

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